Photography Essentials


Photography Essentials

Learning photography shouldn’t be complicated – it should be inspiring and fun. My two-day Photography Essentials Workshop in Maleny takes a step-by-step, plain English approach and is the ideal introduction to the world of creative photography. Scroll down for a full description.

Course Summary

Photography Essentials is a two-day learning experience in Maleny (Sunshine Coast Hinterland) and the best investment you will ever make to kick-start your photography journey.

This workshop is a perfect balance of technical skills and creativity. Day one is all about  camera settings and photography technique; day two is about composition and working with natural light.  Each day includes essential theory and plenty of time to practice. By the time the weekend is over, you WILL know how to use your camera in Manual Mode and take your photography to a whole new level!

Self-taught and with almost 40 years of experience, Andrew Goodall is the ideal person to explain everything you need to know in plain-English terms you will understand. The trick is to focus your attention on the small number of functions that really matter, without being distracted or confused by hundreds of other functions you really don’t need to know. 


Who is the workshop for?

The Photography Essentials Workshop is aimed at beginners but is also suitable for people who have some experience but could use some expert training to fill in the gaps.

Any DSLR or Mirrorless DSLR is suitable. Andrew has been teaching since 2008 and knows his way around almost every brand, every model. Whether you have entry-level gear or a full-frame professional camera, Andrew can show you how to get the most out of it.


Day One

MORNING SESSION. We begin at 9.00am for our first morning of theory. Today is all about the camera and you will be learning about the three main exposure settings – SHUTTER SPEED, APERTURE, AND ISO. Combined with the LIGHT-METER, these settings give you total control over your exposures – now you decide how bright or dark your photos should be! You will also learn how to handle moving subjects, how to control depth of field, and how to get sharp photos even in low-light situations. We also take a good look at the qualities of WIDE ANGLE and TELEPHOTO lenses so you can really appreciate the creative possibilities of your own camera gear.

AFTERNOON SESSION. This afternoon we put all that theory into practice on your own camera. With a series of simple and fun exercises, you will discover how to capture movement effects with different shutter speeds; how to manage depth of field, and how to control the brightness of your exposure with a simple turn of a dial. As you begin to see the results you will become more and more confident in your own camera skills.

Day Two

MORNING SESSION. Now that you know how to control your exposures, it’s time to look at the creative side of photography. Photography isn’t all technical: understanding light and composition is what turns snapshots into works of art. Drawing on his long background in nature photography, Andrew explains how to pick the best conditions for shooting subjects like landscapes, rainforests and wildlife. You will also learn some simple tricks of the trade to help you create compositions with a real wow-factor. This theory session is perfectly illustrated with photos from Andrew’s own collection, to show you the type of results you can achieve in your own photography.

AFTERNOON SESSION. Now it’s time to relax and enjoy an afternoon of photography with the friends you made over the weekend. We head out to one of Maleny’s natural beauty-spots (location chosen depending on the weather). No exercises this time; you can practice your skills on whatever subjects you find while everything is still fresh in your mind. Andrew will guide you if you still need help, or step back to let you work things out your own way. If you have a long drive home, you can take off whenever you like…but Andrew will stay until the sun goes down if you really want to squeeze every moment out of the day.

After The Workshop

When the workshop is over, it’s important that you keep practicing. To help you into the future, you will receive a digital download of Andrew’s 100-page e-book “DSLR Photography In Plain English.” 

You will also be invited to join Andrew’s own online photography group on Flickr. The group is full of past workshop students who will welcome you into the community and encourage you to keep practicing and improving.

With two full days of tuition, plus ongoing support, this really is the most value-packed introduction to the world of creative photography. Check the available dates and BOOK NOW!


When you make your booking…

Soon after your booking is completed, you will receive an email with everything you need to know – where we meet, how to get there, what to bring etc. If you need any further information to help you decide, contact Andrew any time using the CONTACT page on this website.

Terms & Conditions

One person = one booking. If you wish to book for more than one person, please be sure to enter the correct number in the quantity box in the shopping cart. There are no refunds for non attendance. However if you are genuinely unable to make it to the workshop you have booked for, we will happily transfer your booking to another date. Workshops proceed even in wet weather. Much of the workshop is conducted indoors anyway and outdoor sessions can be modified for indoors if necessary. Tea and coffee are provided at the venue but you will be responsible for your own lunch (there is a small fridge at the venue if you need it.