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Nature's Image Photography Workshops and Tours

One-on-One Tuition

If you can’t make it to a group workshop, maybe a personalised day of one-on-one tuition is for you. I can meet you at an agreed location (Sunshine Coast or nearby) and tailor a full-day program to suit your interests and experience level. You can start with the basics (Shutter Speed, Aperture, ISO, Lenses, Tripods etc.) and learn to use your camera in Manual Mode. Or if you are already past that, I can help you advance your skills in the subject of your choice – birds and other wildlife, macro, action and more.

Because I am often away on tour or teaching my scheduled workshops, I don’t sell one-on-one bookings online in the shopping cart system. First I like to know what it is you want to learn, and make sure we can agree on a date that works for both of us. I won’t take your money until I know for certain I can give you real value. So the first step is to get in contact and chat about how we can make the one-on-one concept work for you.

So contact Andrew directly to start planning your own personal photography course! Email: admin@naturesimage.com.au or Phone: 0448 700 162.

Gift Vouchers are available. Call Andrew to purchase a day of one-one-one tuition for the photographer in your life!


Morning Session
10.00am to Midday
Getting Started
Meet Andrew at an agreed location that will offer a quiet place to concentrate and some good photo opportunities...and a cafe nearby for lunch. Spend the first couple of hours learning the theory you need to know and practicing on simple subjects. Andrew will make sure you have a good grasp of the techniques before you take on more challenging subjects in the afternoon.
Midday to 1.00pm (approx)
Over lunch there is time to chat more about your interests and ask loads of questions. Andrew will tell you about his Flickr group where you can join a growing family of past students who continue to improve by sharing online and meeting for extra practice at social outings throughout the year.
Afternoon Session
1.00pm to Sunset
Practice Your Skills
Now it's time to practice what you have learned on some real-world subjects. Depending on the location you chose, you can try out your skills at the beach, in the rainforest, or look for wildlife and whatever subjects you can find. Your day finishes when the sun goes down, and Andrew will stay with you to shoot the sunset if the location and conditions are favourable.
Ongoing Support
Once your workshop is over, you will have a copy of Andrew's e-book "DSLR Photography in Plain English" to help you practice. If you have expressed an interest, you will also be invited to join the Flickr group to start making new friends in the world of photography.
Terms & Conditions:


  • You taught me how the soft light of dawn or the golden light of late afternoon can add a touch of magic to an image. You taught me the importance of taking control of what my camera is doing. You brought my fuzzy ideas about composition into clear focus. And you inspired me to take up my camera and shoot, to get up and have a go.
  • Andrew is a perfect presenter. Explains things clearly and at a level perfect for my comprehension.
  • Thanks for a great PRACTICAL workshop ! I have always been afraid of the big “M” on the camera – but not anymore!
  • I have been on many courses in my 75 yrs. I rank yours as one of the best . You have a great way of keeping up the interest in the class.
  • The weekend has given me more knowledge and confidence and renewed my enthusiasm… thanks again for your generosity in sharing your knowledge and experience.
  • Your method and mode of teaching is hands on, practical and free of technical gobbldygook — EXACTLY what most of us would be photographers need.
  • Description & explanation of things was very good… very helpful. You are a great teacher.
  • Good fun and a good mix of classroom and outdoors.
  • This course gave me a better understanding of the technical side which has always been daunting to me.
  • Gave me a lot of good ideas. I have a greater understanding of my camera.
  • I must say I enjoyed your ‘easygoing’ style of teaching and openness.
  • I have more practice to do but am now excited about using my camera. Thank you for the inspirational workshop.
  • If there is one thing I can recommend to anyone interested in photography it is to DO THIS COURSE! I can never thank Andrew enough for sharing his knowledge and making it so easy.




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