About Me

About me

"Plenty of people know how to take a good photo. Very few people can actually teach those skills to others. That's what I am all about: real camera skills explained in Plain English, combined with my genuine love of photography. Join me on tour or at one of my workshops and become part of the fun."
Andrew Goodall

A Lifetime In Photography

Andrew Goodall has been a nature photographer for almost four decades.

Self-taught as a teenager, what started as a hobby sparked a career that continues to grow and develop to this day. In 1990 (when this photo was taken) Andrew began travelling Australia to start building his collection. In 1993 along with wife Monica, he opened the gallery "Nature's Image Photography" in Montville, Queensland. It became one of the longest running photography galleries in Australia before finally closing in 2017 as Andrew shifted his attention to teaching and touring.

A Natural Teacher

Andrew began teaching his Photography Essentials Workshop in 2008.

As digital photography took over from film, more and more people were buying DSLR cameras and seeking to learn real camera skills. Andrew's original workshop, Photography Essentials, sold out from day one and continues to be popular to this day. Over 2,000 photography enthusiasts - including some professionals - owe their start to Andrew's teaching. Meanwhile Andrew has expanded his teaching to offer more advanced workshops for experienced photographers, along with personalised, one-on-one tuition.

Taking Photography Experiences To The Next Level

With his reputation as a teacher and communicator growing, touring was the next big step...

Andrew began attracting the attention of tour companies in search of expert photographers to host photography tours. In 2012 he hosted the first Top End Photography Tour in the Northern Territory. Since then he has hosted many adventures around Australia and overseas. With almost 40 years' experience, Andrew is the perfect travelling companion for experienced photographers, while also able to teach 'newbies' the tricks of the trade in some of the most fantastic locations Australia and the world have to offer.

New Horizons Await...

The adventure is just beginning!

Almost every year (Covid disruptions notwithstanding) special new opportunities come along. Andrew's biggest adventure so far has been hosting photography safaris in Africa, with bigger events yet to come.

Through his association with some of the best tour operators in the business, Andrew can also recommend some other great tours - not necessarily photography related - that might be just what you're looking for. Check them out on our tours page...and be sure to sign up to the monthly newsletter to keep in touch with what comes next!

Photography is an art

It’s about finding extra-ordinary

In an ordinary place