Australia Zoo


Australia Zoo

Join Andrew Goodall for a great day out practicing your skills - and learning some new ones - at Australia Zoo. This is a small group workshop so you will get plenty of personal attention and have all your camera questions answered. All while photographing the fascinating, colourful and entertaining residents of the zoo.

Course Summary

If you already know the basics of DSLR photography (perhaps you have already attended Andrew’s Photography Essentials Workshop) then what you need more than anything is practice, and Australia Zoo is the perfect venue for a day out with your camera.

People come to the Australia Zoo workshop for different reasons. Some people struggle with exposure, others with focus/sharpness. Some are experienced photographers who have been away from photography for a while and need a ‘refresher’ to kick-start their photography again. And some just want to indulge their love of photography and simply enjoy a great experience with like-minded people. With a very small group (maximum 6 people) Andrew can make sure every participant gets what they came for.

The emphasis is on learning-by-doing, so be sure to bring a fully charged battery and plenty of space on your memory card!

Please note your workshop fee of $125.00 does not include entry to Australia Zoo. This is a deliberate decision because many customers already have annual passes or choose to purchase one on the day.

The Program

We meet at 9.30 am at the entrance to the zoo. Once inside, we find a quiet spot where we can make our introductions, and Andrew can find out what you are keen to learn. If you have questions about your camera, lenses, focus methods etc., Andrew can answer most of them before we even get started.

Then we head out to start shooting. Andrew has been to the zoo many times and can guide you through a schedule that allows us to see all parts of the zoo at a relaxed pace. Every workshop is a little different, and if there is nothing to see at one exhibit (i.e. animals asleep) we move on to the next one. We see approximately half the zoo before lunch, which is usually around 12.30pm. We usually eat as a group at the food court, but you are welcome to bring your own packed lunch if you prefer.

After lunch, we visit the rest of the zoo, finishing at the popular Africa section where giraffes, rhino and meerkats are the final highlight of the day. Then we take a shuttle back to the exit to say our goodbyes.

What To Bring

  • Camera: Any DSLR or Mirrorless DSLR cameras is suitable, and Andrew is familiar with almost all brands and models from entry-level to full-frame professional cameras.
  • Telephoto Lens. A focal length of at least 200mm is recommended, and if you have a bigger lens, bring it along.
  • A fully charged battery (and a spare if you have one).
  • A suitable memory card with plenty of space available (and a spare if you have one).
  • Comfortable shoes and a hat. The zoo is a big place and we are on our feet most of the day.
  • Snacks if you feel you need them, and lunch if you prefer to bring your own (although most people purchase lunch at the food court).


When you make your booking…

Soon after your booking is completed, you will receive an email with everything you need to know – where we meet, how to get there, what to bring etc. If you need any further information to help you decide, contact Andrew any time using the CONTACT page on this website.

Terms & Conditions

One person = one booking. If you wish to book for more than one person, please be sure to enter the correct number in the quantity box in the shopping cart.

There are no refunds for non attendance. However if you are genuinely unable to make it to the workshop you have booked for, we will happy transfer your booking to another date. In the event of wet weather you will be contacted prior to the workshop and if necessary, every effort will be made to find an alternative date that suits the entire group. If that is not possible your paid booking can be held in reserve for a future scheduled workshop.