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One-on-One Tuition

If you can't make it to a scheduled workshop, or if you simply prefer the personal touch, then a day of one-on-one tuition may be just what you are looking for. I can plan a program just for you, your interests and your level of experience, and you will learn more in a day than you ever thought possible. The day begins at 10.00am and continues until the sun goes down, so you can get some experience shooting in the perfect light of 'golden hour.'

Start with the basics

If you are new to DSLR cameras, I can help you get your camera off Auto and discover the world of creative photography. It all starts with Shutter Speed, Aperture and ISO. You will be amazed how easy it can be when explained in plain English by a photographer who really knows how to teach.

Improve your skills

If you already have some experience I can help you refine your skills in your special area of interest. Birds in flight is a popular subject, but one-on-one days have included macro, waterfalls and other water effects, wildlife (including days at Australia Zoo) and even portraits - with a model.

Learning, your way

Whatever your experience level, and whatever your special interest, I can help tailor a day of photography tuition just for you. We can meet on site around the Sunshine Coast or Hinterland at a location that offers plenty of good subjects to practice with - and the fun begins!

How does a ‘typical’ one-on-one day work?

There’s actually nothing typical about it – every day is different. We meet on location around the Sunshine Coast or in the hinterland near Maleny. Nature is our classroom so we usually meet at a park with close access to photo opportunities to suit your interest. The first hours are spent working through your camera questions and covering all the theory you need, with some practical exercises along the way for that essential hands-on experience. When that phase is over (usually in the early afternoon) we go in search of subjects to practice on. You will go home with loads of knowledge and new skills, and if nature is kind to us you should take home plenty of great new photos to show off to your family. There is no ‘going home time.’ Your day of tuition usually ends when the sun goes down, but you are free to leave earlier if you prefer.

The value continues long after your day is over…

A day of One-On-One photography tuition is a great investment in your photography future, but the value continues after your day is over. You will also be invited to join Andrew’s online Flickr group, where members (all past workshop attendees) share photos, tips and feedback. We also get together for free photography outings around the Sunshine Coast several times a year.

Ready to take your photography higher?

A full day of personalised, one-on-one photography tuition is $325.00. To organise a booking, fill out the expression of interest form below to get the conversation started. GIFT VOUCHERS ARE AVAILABLE.

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