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Processing RAW files

Every photographer reaches a point where they have to decide: do I continue shooting in JPEG or should I start shooting RAW? Once you make the switch, you also need to take on a new set of skills – processing your RAW files. I teach a two-hour introductory session in your own home (Sunshine Coast only), on your own computer, using your own photos, to get you started using either Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Lightroom.

What’s the difference between JPEG and RAW? Every photo you take begins as a RAW file. By default, your camera automatically edits the original file, adjusting brightness, contrast, colour and clarity to produce a finished JPEG photo. In the process your photos are compressed to create smaller files with less data. When you make the switch to RAW, your camera captures the original file with no processing or compression. Your RAW file has the potential to be a much higher quality photo, but now it is up to you to do the editing. Your picture is not really ‘finished’ until you make some adjustments.

Understand that processing RAW files is not about ‘faking’ a photo, nor is it a substitute for good camera skills. The editing we are talking about is simply adjusting shadows, highlights, colour balance etc. It is the same type of editing that your camera is already doing for you in JPEG – but if you do it yourself, you can do it better.

About Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. There are various types of software for processing RAW files, but almost every photographer ends up using either of these Adobe products, simply because most people agree they are the best. These days you don’t buy the software, you subscribe online for a relatively low monthly fee. You can also access a free 30-day trial so you can get familiar before spending any money. Both versions are fast, efficient and powerful tools that let you process your RAW files seamlessly – letting you get the absolute best from your high quality photos.

Why do I come to your home? Most short group workshops are ineffective for two simple reasons. 1: In a large group it takes a long time to get anything done. 2: By the time you drive home, you have already forgotten half of what you learned. By teaching you on your own computer, using your own photos on an one-on-one basis, you can learn more in two hours than you ever thought possible. And the moment I walk out the door, you can sit down and start practicing.

How to organise your two-hour session. Call me – Andrew Goodall – on 0448 700 162, or email admin@naturesimage.com.au. All we really need to do is agree on a suitable time. I am often away on tour or teaching other workshops so it will have to fit in among other commitments. Cost for the session is $120.00, and there may be a small extra charge if there is excessive driving time involved. Follow-up tuition is available but most people find they get all they need from a single session.


Contact Andrew Goodall to arrange a time for your two-hour introductory session. Make sure you have the Adobe CC package (includes Photoshop and Lightroom) downloaded at least a day ahead of time. It is a big program and can take a while to load depending on your internet speed. If you have not done so already, make sure you shoot some RAW files so you have them on your memory card, ready for loading and processing.
One on one tuition
Andrew will arrive at the agreed time to begin the session. The program will vary depending on how advanced you are already. But a session typically includes: loading and organising images / cropping / contrast, brightness and colour adjustment / lens correction / fine adjustment of selected areas of the photo. Plus addressing your own questions on the editing process.
Further information
A two-hour session is usually all you need to get started. Once you see how easy it is you will be confident practicing on your own. However if you want follow-up tuition, all you have to do is ask and Andrew can return for another visit.
Terms & Conditions:


  • You taught me how the soft light of dawn or the golden light of late afternoon can add a touch of magic to an image. You taught me the importance of taking control of what my camera is doing. You brought my fuzzy ideas about composition into clear focus. And you inspired me to take up my camera and shoot, to get up and have a go.
  • Andrew is a perfect presenter. Explains things clearly and at a level perfect for my comprehension.
  • Thanks for a great PRACTICAL workshop ! I have always been afraid of the big “M” on the camera – but not anymore!
  • I have been on many courses in my 75 yrs. I rank yours as one of the best . You have a great way of keeping up the interest in the class.
  • The weekend has given me more knowledge and confidence and renewed my enthusiasm… thanks again for your generosity in sharing your knowledge and experience.
  • Your method and mode of teaching is hands on, practical and free of technical gobbldygook — EXACTLY what most of us would be photographers need.
  • Description & explanation of things was very good… very helpful. You are a great teacher.
  • Good fun and a good mix of classroom and outdoors.
  • This course gave me a better understanding of the technical side which has always been daunting to me.
  • Gave me a lot of good ideas. I have a greater understanding of my camera.
  • I must say I enjoyed your ‘easygoing’ style of teaching and openness.
  • I have more practice to do but am now excited about using my camera. Thank you for the inspirational workshop.
  • If there is one thing I can recommend to anyone interested in photography it is to DO THIS COURSE! I can never thank Andrew enough for sharing his knowledge and making it so easy.




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