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Portrait Photography

Join photographer Andrew Goodall in Maleny for an afternoon of portrait photography this September! Our workshop features experienced models and you will learn ideas and techniques to make your portraits shine!

This is much more than just a chance to meet some models and take some photos. It’s about camera skills, light (in particular working in outdoor light) and posing. Whether you want to pursue serious portrait photography, or just photograph your kids getting ready for the high-school formal, this is the workshop to get you started.

After an opening hour of detailed tuition and demonstration with our most experienced model, the class breaks up into small groups working with one model per group. There should be one model per three photographers, and each group has a facilitator on hand to guide and advise you. As the afternoon goes on you will have the opportunity to photograph each of our models.

Maleny Historical Village has a variety of beautiful outdoor settings, with old-style Queenslander houses, vintage machinery and colourful spring gardens. It’s an outdoor workshop with plenty of space so social distancing will be easy.

This will be a small group workshop with a maximum of 9 bookings available. The plan is for one model for each group of three photographers. If the workshop is fully booked, I will have three models on site in addition to Viola who helps out for the opening session. If the workshop is not fully booked, there may be only two models (plus Viola).

See samples of Andrew’s portrait photography HERE.

This is an INTERMEDIATE workshop for people who already understand some camera basics. Whether you shoot in Manual or AV, you should at least know how to set the aperture, shutter speed and ISO on your camera, and understand essential terms like depth of field. If you need a true beginner’s course, you are much better to start with Andrew’s PHOTOGRAPHY ESSENTIALS Workshop.

Please note that the workshop fee includes access to our models who are being paid to appear on the day. All photos you take will be your own; however as a matter of courtesy, if you get a great photo of any of our models, you may be asked to share it with them after the workshop, to post on Instagram or other social media.

WHEN: Saturday September 26th, 1pm to 5pm

WHERE: Maleny Historical Village

WHAT TO BRING: Camera (obviously) and your best portrait lens. If you don’t know what lens to bring, bring all that you have…however a telephoto/zoom lens up to about 200mm, or a macro/portait lens with a wide aperture would be ideal.

*Once the bookings are in, you will be sent detailed information: address, parking, what to bring etc.


Maleny Historical Village
1.00 pm
Getting Started
The real workshop begins at 1.30, but if you arrive early Andrew can help you out with any simple camera questions you have before we start. Then we spend our first hour as a group, as Andrew and Viola demonstrate camera techniques, posing tips and that all-important communication between photographer and model that makes magic portraits possible.
2.30 pm
Taking Photos
Now we break into small groups, each under the guidance of an experienced photographer. Put your skills to the test and don't be afraid to ask your model to smile/not smile/twist/turn....collaborate to create your own uniquely beautiful images. Cooperate with the other photographers in your group - you may be asked to hold a reflector etc. to help out, and they will do the same for you.
3.30 - 5.00 pm
Something For Everyone
Once your group has worked with one model we rotate the groups around so everyone has the chance to photograph all the models at different stages throughout the afternoon. Meanwhile the models might move to different locations around the historical village, allowing you to really make the most of this great location. The workshop officially ends at 5pm but you can leave earlier if you prefer.
Terms & Conditions:

Price for the Outdoor Portrait Photography Workshop is $190.00 per person. There are no discounts for multiple bookings as we already offer exceptional value for money compared to other workshops. Your place at the workshop is reserved the moment you place your booking, but payment in advance is required to finalise the booking. Most people pay when they make their booking; you can choose to pay later if you wish. However your booking is not considered final until payment is made, and if a workshop is sold out and we have a waiting list, you will be asked to confirm the booking through payment, or the place may be offered to the next person on the list. There are no refunds for non-attendance, but if you genuinely cannot make it to the workshop on the date you have booked, you can transfer to another workshop at a later date. When your booking is complete (paid) you will receive information on where we meet, what to bring etc.


  • You taught me how the soft light of dawn or the golden light of late afternoon can add a touch of magic to an image. You taught me the importance of taking control of what my camera is doing. You brought my fuzzy ideas about composition into clear focus. And you inspired me to take up my camera and shoot, to get up and have a go.
  • Andrew is a perfect presenter. Explains things clearly and at a level perfect for my comprehension.
  • Thanks for a great PRACTICAL workshop ! I have always been afraid of the big “M” on the camera – but not anymore!
  • I have been on many courses in my 75 yrs. I rank yours as one of the best . You have a great way of keeping up the interest in the class.
  • The weekend has given me more knowledge and confidence and renewed my enthusiasm… thanks again for your generosity in sharing your knowledge and experience.
  • Your method and mode of teaching is hands on, practical and free of technical gobbldygook — EXACTLY what most of us would be photographers need.
  • Description & explanation of things was very good… very helpful. You are a great teacher.
  • Good fun and a good mix of classroom and outdoors.
  • This course gave me a better understanding of the technical side which has always been daunting to me.
  • Gave me a lot of good ideas. I have a greater understanding of my camera.
  • I must say I enjoyed your ‘easygoing’ style of teaching and openness.
  • I have more practice to do but am now excited about using my camera. Thank you for the inspirational workshop.
  • If there is one thing I can recommend to anyone interested in photography it is to DO THIS COURSE! I can never thank Andrew enough for sharing his knowledge and making it so easy.




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