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Photographing People

When you want to improve your portrait photography, the biggest challenge can be finding people who know what to do in front of a camera – and are willing to pose for you!

Meanwhile there are plenty of models who want to build a portfolio, but struggle to find photographers to work with.

So…we’re bringing two worlds together. We are excited to announce an afternoon of portrait photography that brings photographers and models together…and let the creative sparks fly!


Andrew Goodall has been a photographer for thirty years and has been teaching photography workshops around the Sunshine Coast for over a decade. Many people who attend his specialised workshops are repeat customers who keep coming back for more due to Andrew’s easygoing, plain-English style of teaching…plus the fact that he always strives to deliver great content and value for money.

Roz Bannan was originally one of Andrew’s students, but has gone onto to create an impressive body of portrait photography. Her work has been published at home and internationally, and her reputation among local models is such that now she doesn’t have to go in search of new models – they come to her.


Scheduled for Saturday March 2nd, we have gathered together a group of models ready to pose for your photos. There will be a variety of ages, looks and body types. Models will choose their ‘look’ for the day and may even do a quick-change or two to add to the variety of photo opportunities. Our location offers plenty of outdoor settings including grassy areas, old tree stumps and some old structures that offer a more rustic backdrop. Each model will move from place to place so you can shoot different people in different places throughout the afternoon.

This is primarily an OUTDOOR portrait workshop, but if time allows and the photographers are keen, there might be a chance to set up some lighting in the undercover area for a more studio-style shot as well.

Roz will be working with the models, and at the same time demonstrating to the photographers how she guides them towards those ‘money-shot’ poses. Camera technique is only one part of portraiture; learning to guide and interact with the model is probably the most important aspect of the photoshoot. Andrew will be moving from group to group, answering your questions and providing tips on camera technique, use of lenses, and the attention to detail that can turn a nice opportunity into an exceptional photo.

HOW MANY MODELS? Our aim is to have at least three models, and if we get plenty of bookings we aim for one model for every three photographers. Working in small groups is the best approach; you can collaborate on ideas and help each other out with reflectors (an essential bit of gear for an outdoor portrait) without crowding the model. Both the photographers and the models will move from place to place around the venue so you will work with a variety of people in multiple locations. So the more bookings we get, the more models you will have to photograph.

As well as your learning opportunity on the day, you will also be networking with models and other photographers you may be able to collaborate with in the future.

IMPORTANT: A RULE FOR ALL PHOTOGRAPHERS: The models have agreed to participate on a TFP (Time For Photos) basis. That means that in return for their services, you are expected to provide them with photos they can use to add to their portfolios. Five photos sent to each model who poses for you: that is the number we have agreed upon. If you are not willing to abide by this rule, please do not book for this event.

WHERE: Rocky Creek Campground, Old Gympie Road, Landsborough. Directions will be sent to you by email after you make a booking.

WHEN: Saturday March 2nd, 2.00pm until sunset.

WHAT TO BRING: Your camera (obviously) and any lenses you have. Telephoto and macro/portrait lenses create a narrow field of view and a shallow depth of field, and are probably the lenses you will use most. But bring other lenses too if you want to try for some different styles. If you have lens hoods for your lenses – even if you don’t normally use them – bring them along as they help reduce lens flair when pointing into the sun. Your tripod (although you may not need it). If you have any special portrait gear like reflectors, diffusers etc. please bring them. We will be supplying enough to go round but the more the merrier. Make sure your battery is fully charged (bring a spare if you have one) and also have plenty of space on your memory card.


2.00 PM
Workshop begins
We ask everyone to arrive a few minutes ahead of time so we can get underway at 2.00pm. After introductions, Andrew and Roz will explain some essential camera and lighting techniques for portrait photography. Roz will lead a demonstration on posing and how to best interact with a model. Attention to detail is key, and how a model stands, where they position their hands etc. make a huge difference. This first session will be very informative and we will encourage you to ask questions while we are all together as a group.
Let's get shooting!
With the theory over, we will break up into groups of three, each heading for a different location around the grounds with one of the models. After 20 minutes or so with a model, each group will move on so that everyone gets a chance to work is a variety of settings with several models. Andrew and Roz will move from group to group, offering creative suggestions and helping with the technical challenges as well.
6.00 pm (approx)
As the sun goes down...
On sunny days, the light is often best at the end of the day, so please don't plan for an early departure. People who stay right to the end will likely get the best shots. Although you can leave earlier if you need to, the workshop is over when the light is gone.
Final details.
When you make your booking, Andrew will send you details on where we meet, how to get there, what to bring etc. During the workshop you will be provided with information on how to share your photos with the models, a requirement for each photographer. Tea and coffee, biscuits will be provided but please make sure you have your lunch before you arrive at the event.
Terms & Conditions:

Price for the Photographing Models workshop is $145.00.00 per person. There are no discounts for multiple bookings as we already offer exceptional value for money compared to other workshops. Your place at the workshop is reserved the moment you place your booking, but payment in advance is required to finalise the booking. Most people pay when they make their booking; you can choose to pay later if you wish. However your booking is not considered final until payment is made, and if a workshop is sold out and we have a waiting list, you will be asked to confirm the booking through payment, or the place may be offered to the next person on the list. There are no refunds for non-attendance, but if you genuinely cannot make it to the workshop on the date you have booked, you may be able to transfer to another workshop at a later date. When your booking is complete (paid) you will receive information on where we meet, what to bring etc. If we are forced to cancel due to bad weather, every effort will be made to organise an alternative date as soon as possible. We aim to have one model for every three photographers in attendance, but the ratio may vary depending on the number of bookings. There may be more or less than one model per three photographers. As models are not being paid, all photographers must agree to provide a selection of their best image to the models for portfolio purposes. Models are to be treated with respect at all times. If we receive complaints about inappropriate behaviour you may be asked to leave and your money will not be refunded.


  • You taught me how the soft light of dawn or the golden light of late afternoon can add a touch of magic to an image. You taught me the importance of taking control of what my camera is doing. You brought my fuzzy ideas about composition into clear focus. And you inspired me to take up my camera and shoot, to get up and have a go.
  • Andrew is a perfect presenter. Explains things clearly and at a level perfect for my comprehension.
  • Thanks for a great PRACTICAL workshop ! I have always been afraid of the big “M” on the camera – but not anymore!
  • I have been on many courses in my 75 yrs. I rank yours as one of the best . You have a great way of keeping up the interest in the class.
  • The weekend has given me more knowledge and confidence and renewed my enthusiasm… thanks again for your generosity in sharing your knowledge and experience.
  • Your method and mode of teaching is hands on, practical and free of technical gobbldygook — EXACTLY what most of us would be photographers need.
  • Description & explanation of things was very good… very helpful. You are a great teacher.
  • Good fun and a good mix of classroom and outdoors.
  • This course gave me a better understanding of the technical side which has always been daunting to me.
  • Gave me a lot of good ideas. I have a greater understanding of my camera.
  • I must say I enjoyed your ‘easygoing’ style of teaching and openness.
  • I have more practice to do but am now excited about using my camera. Thank you for the inspirational workshop.
  • If there is one thing I can recommend to anyone interested in photography it is to DO THIS COURSE! I can never thank Andrew enough for sharing his knowledge and making it so easy.




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