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Night Photography

The Night Photography Workshop is a great evening out in Montville with Andrew Goodall. Learn what photographers get up to after dark! Learn how to focus at night, and discover the settings that produce great results with some special effects, as well as Milky Way photography and Star Trails.

Our setting is Lake Baroon at Montville in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. Far enough from the coast and from Brisbane and surrounded by hills, this is one of the best places to view the night sky without interference from city lights.

Ideally we hope for clear skies but these cannot be guaranteed, so Andrew has a fun selection of artificial-light props to ensure some amazing photos. The Luminous Andywing Butterfly may make an appearance!

The workshop is ideal for people who have some experience with the basics and want to learn some new skills. It is not designed to teach you first principles of manual photography, so if you don’t understand shutter speed, aperture, ISO etc. you should consider doing the Photography Essentials workshop first. Make sure you have suitable equipment for night photography…see below for further information.

These workshops are usually held in Winter when the days are short so we can get an early start. However it will be cold so dress accordingly! Each workshop is a little different due to phases of the moon, but most dates offer a good chance to photograph the Milky Way if it is a clear night. In the event of bad weather we can reschedule, and Andrew usually keeps the following weekend free as a backup option.

Before you make your booking: Please read below the section on camera gear, and make sure you have suitable equipment to get the most out of this workshop. In short, a DSLR or Mirrorless DSLR camera, wide angle lens and a tripod. Some kind of remote release is also recommended. If in doubt feel free to contact me to make sure you have what you need before you book for the workshop.


5.00pm - 8.30(ish)pm
We meet in daylight as the sun is setting, so there is time to sort some things out before it gets dark. Andrew will show you the settings you will be using and get you ready for the exercises to come. Then as it gets dark, we start on some fun special effects projects that can produce some eye-popping images!
With special effects over, we turn our attention to the night sky. Fingers crossed for a clear sky and Andrew will show you how to shoot the Milky Way. If your camera has a Bulb mode you may also like to try some star trails. In the event of a cloudy sky you will still learn the theory and have a go at getting the best shot you can in the conditions. There is no strict finishing time but you can estimate to be on your way home by around 8.30pm.
A DSLR or Mirrorless DSLR (any brand) is fine. A wide-angle lens is recommended; 18mm is wide enough so if you have something like a standard 18-55mm lens are all set. If you have an even wider lens bring that as well. You will also need a tripod but if you don't have one you can borrow one of my spares. A remote release system is handy but not essential as you can complete most projects using your 2-second delay function. However if you don't have a remote you may not be able to do very long exposures in Bulb mode.
When your booking is complete you will receive a tax invoice with a link to download a PDF file. It contains all the information you need including where we meet, how to get there, what to bring...everything you need to get you to the workshop on time and ready to go!
Terms & Conditions:

Price for the Night Photography Workshop is $90.00 per person. There are no discounts for multiple bookings as we already offer exceptional value for money compared to other workshops. Your place at the workshop is reserved the moment you place your booking, but payment in advance is required to finalise the booking. Most people pay when they make their booking; you can choose to pay later if you wish. However your booking is not considered final until payment is made, and if a workshop is sold out and we have a waiting list, you will be asked to confirm the booking through payment, or the place may be offered to the next person on the list. There are no refunds for non-attendance, but if you genuinely cannot make it to the workshop on the date you have booked, you can transfer to another workshop at a later date. When your booking is complete (paid) you will receive information on where we meet, what to bring etc. In the event of cloudy weather the workshop will still proceed, but if rain is forecast the workshop may have to be cancelled. In the event of cancellation, Andrew will try to re-book you to a later date, and refunds may be offered to those who can't attend the alternative date.


  • You taught me how the soft light of dawn or the golden light of late afternoon can add a touch of magic to an image. You taught me the importance of taking control of what my camera is doing. You brought my fuzzy ideas about composition into clear focus. And you inspired me to take up my camera and shoot, to get up and have a go.
  • Andrew is a perfect presenter. Explains things clearly and at a level perfect for my comprehension.
  • Thanks for a great PRACTICAL workshop ! I have always been afraid of the big “M” on the camera – but not anymore!
  • I have been on many courses in my 75 yrs. I rank yours as one of the best . You have a great way of keeping up the interest in the class.
  • The weekend has given me more knowledge and confidence and renewed my enthusiasm… thanks again for your generosity in sharing your knowledge and experience.
  • Your method and mode of teaching is hands on, practical and free of technical gobbldygook — EXACTLY what most of us would be photographers need.
  • Description & explanation of things was very good… very helpful. You are a great teacher.
  • Good fun and a good mix of classroom and outdoors.
  • This course gave me a better understanding of the technical side which has always been daunting to me.
  • Gave me a lot of good ideas. I have a greater understanding of my camera.
  • I must say I enjoyed your ‘easygoing’ style of teaching and openness.
  • I have more practice to do but am now excited about using my camera. Thank you for the inspirational workshop.
  • If there is one thing I can recommend to anyone interested in photography it is to DO THIS COURSE! I can never thank Andrew enough for sharing his knowledge and making it so easy.




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