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DSLR Photography in Plain English


DSLR PHOTOGRAPHY IN PLAIN ENGLISH is Andrew Goodall’s 100-page, fully illustrated beginners’ e-book guide to taking creative control of your DSLR camera. Step by step, it explains all the basics of the exposure triangle (shutter speed, aperture, ISO) and how to combine them in Manual Mode, putting you in charge of how your photos should look. Learn to handle moving subjects, manipulate depth of field, keep your shutter speed fast even when the light is low. Discover how to control your exposure, making a photo lighter or darker with the simple turn of a dial. There are also explanations of metering, autofocus, white balance and more…all in simple plain-English that a layman will understand. This is the e-book Andrew gives away free to his Photography Essentials workshop students. If you want to learn DSLR photography and can’t make it to a photography class, this e-book is the next best thing – now available for download direct from the website.